Purple Squirrels Exist, and We'll Find Them.

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Finding The Impossible
Talent Discovery

We utilize forensic recruiting practices & real-time market insights to consistently find you your needle in the haystack. Using our data-driven approach we create a ‘Squirrel Report’ to showcase key factors included in the finding and hiring of each candidate. With those strategic insights, your purple squirrel is more available to you than ever before!

Qualifying The Extroardinary
Talent Evaluation

Once we’ve zeroed in on a candidate, we utilize a proprietary process including plagiarism checks, visa verification, and reference confirmation to get you exactly what you need. As an added layer of security, we utilize AssureSME to screen our most challenging candidates. The bottom line, you’re presented with the custom-matched, critical talent you need in as little as 72 hours.

What is a Purple 

It's a term used to describe a job candidate with precisely the right experience and qualifications to perfectly fit the job’s multifaceted requirements. This uncommon talent can, in fact, be as rare as a purple squirrel. The good news is that they do exist!

We know how crucial your purple squirrel is, that’s why we never take a one size fits all approach to finding them. We love a challenge; so let us know what your purple squirrel looks like and we’ll show you just how to find them!

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