About Us —
What We Do

Every organization has unique, critical roles that require uncommon talent.

PurpleSquirrel IT has been finding that critical, uncommon IT talent for over 20 years through forensic talent discovery and rigorous talent evaluation. When it comes to the people your organization needs most, PurpleSquirrel IT has you covered.

Find Your Purple Squirrel
Your purple squirrel is unique, we understand that.
Our process is built from the ground up to solve your unique challenges, consistently.
The PurpleSquirrel IT Approach
We are forensic recruiters that specialize in finding that elusive talent that fits the unique needs of your business.

Our team of tenured recruiters have an average of 8+ years of experience and 5+ years with our team. This combined with our forensic identification and recruiting process makes us equipped to find even the most difficult IT talent.

The Forensic Recruiting Difference.

At PurpleSquirrel IT our recruiters are one-part tenured industry expert with unrivaled experience, and one-part detective ready to analytically tackle your role. We utilize a forensic recruiting approach by quantifiably diving into your role and identifying key indicators that impact the success of finding your PurpleSquirrel.  

If it exists, we’ll find it. If it doesn’t exist, you’ll know exactly why through your completely unique Squirrel Reports where we break down what is and isn’t available in the market.

Extended Coverage Through The Collective.

Once we’ve helped you find your purple squirrel the coverage doesn’t end there. As a member of the GlobalSource Collective, working with PurpleSquirrel IT is just the beginning. With our single agreement you gain access to talent across your entire enterprise technology landscape from ERP, CRM, and BI to cybersecurity!

You’ll also gain the collective resources of two other highly specialized staff augmentation firms that can help solve your toughest IT talent problems.